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  • T7 LTE

    T7 LTE



    T7 LTE is a unique IoT product featuring the low power communication technology LTE Cat-M1. It typically offers 5 years battery lifetime based on 1 position/day. The robust casing is suited for all industrial environments and all-weather conditions with an operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C. T7 LTE provides global connectivity of any asset,…

  • S1 Iridium

    S1 Iridium



    The S1 tracking device and data logger is designed for tracking in the harshest environments and is ideal for businesses that operate outside urban areas without GSM coverage. S1 connects to the IridiumTM Global Network; the furthest reaching and most reliable mobile satellite communications network in the world. It truly connects everywhere under one sky…

  • RF ID – RHT

    RF ID – RHT

    RF ID – Radio frequency identification wireless sensor The RFID tag is a radio frequency identification tag. It is an extension of the built-in sensors of the Trusted tracking devices and is used to make sure assets are kept together. RFID tags are IP68-rated and perfect for use in logistics or heavy industry. The internal…