S1 Iridium



The S1 tracking device and data logger is designed for tracking in the harshest environments and is ideal for businesses that operate outside urban areas without GSM coverage. S1 connects to the IridiumTM Global Network; the furthest reaching and most reliable mobile satellite communications network in the world. It truly connects everywhere under one sky from pole to pole. Furthermore, the IP69k-rated moulded device is functional in all weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +85°C. It is built on advanced and intelligent sensor technology in a smart design with features including long battery life, easy installation and robust casing. S1 transmits data to the cloud-based management software, Trusted Data PortalTM, that provides complete visibility and predictive analytics. Third party application can be implemented via our API. The battery life depends on the numbers of recorded positions and transmissions the S1 sends to the server. The optimal tracking of sea vessels of 1 position every hour and 1 transmission per day will typically provide a battery life of 8 years. A setting of 2 positions and 2 transmissions per day however will typically result in a battery life of 10 years. This enables more advanced operations, like tracking of sea vessels, endangered species, expeditions, military operations or air transport. Devices are easy and quick to install and can be fastened to assets with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, two 4 mm cylinder head screws and bushings, or with strong magnets.


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